Pest Control Products

We stock a range of professional concentrates to control pests both in and around your home for DIY pest contol.

DIY Termite Control -  

We stock a range of products to kill termites (whiteants) and for barrier treatments to protect your home.

Fortune 500

 Pidgeon's Pest Controller

 Bifenthrin  Termite  & Pest Controller






If you have a problem with spiders, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, fleas or other pests inside or outside your home we stock a range of products that can help.


Ficam W


Solo Sprayers:

We can help you with applicators for pesticides. The Solo brand is professional high quality equipment made in Germany.







Silvan Selecta Sprayers:





Pest Animal Management: 

At Rochedale Produce we sell a wide range of solutions to your pest control problems at home or in commerial situations.

We stock grains, blocks, and pastes in a number of brands including:

Tom Cat, Mouse Off and Racumin.


Evo® Trapz  


Evo® Trapz is a revolutionary cardboard rat and mouse trap which effectively kills rats and mice and is made from recycled and recyclable materials, which are also biodegradable.


Racumin has low secondary poisoning risk to pets and predators.

We also sell bait stations.

 If you prefer we have traditional traps for rats and mice including SnapE traps or live catch traps in a number of sizes.

If your pest animals are larger we sell fox, possum and cat sized traps.